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All Fatawaas

Ruling on Personal Advances System of the Social Security Corporation What is the Islamic ruling on the personal cash advances made by the Social Security Corporation to pensioners in return for (4.5%) as declining interest? • Read More
Ruling on Developing Software for Riba-Based Transactions Our Company is specialized in software development. Recently, we were asked to develop the software of a conventional bank to help clients open accounts there. What is the ruling of Sharia on that? • Read More
Ruling on Margin Financing What is the ruling on lending a client an amount larger than that which he had deposited forbuying stocks at the Amman Stock Exchange; knowing that the financial intermediary (Company) charges a commission against each buy and sell activity undertaken by the client? • Read More
Ruling on Building Decorations for Stores through Murabaha What`s the ruling on financing stores' decorations through Murabaha sale/transaction? • Read More
Ruling on Charging Extra Amount on Loan to be Given to Charity A certain organization works on developing villages and small enterprises through giving small loans to villagers. A borrower is given (2500 JDs) to be paid back over a certain period, but he/she must pay (75 JDs) as loan fees, which will be spent on village affairs. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Ruling on Guaranteeing Loans against Commission What is the ruling on dealing with a company that guarantees loans, where it concludes agreements, with banks, stipulating that whoever fails to pay off a loan, the company will cover up to (80%) of that loan in return for taking (1.5%) from the total of that loan? • Read More
It is Forbidden to Sell Gold Via Murabaha Contract What is the ruling on buying gold via staff provident fund on Murabaha basis where the fund purchases the gold and sells it to the members of the staff by installments? • Read More
Some Rulings on Trading with Gold What is the ruling on selling and purchasing gold along with mentioning the regulations governing that? • Read More
Ruling on Waiving/Forgiving a Portion of Debt against early Settlement Someone has bought a car through a Provident fund based on a Murabaha contract. Is it permissible to waive a portion of the payments due on him in return for early settlement of the rest of the debt? • Read More
Ruling on Spending Moratorium Interest on One`s Relatives I have filed a suit against a certain party because of its procrastination in debt payment. As a result, I received a financial compensation in addition to the moratorium interest. Is it permissible to spend the latter on my mother and sister`s treatment? • Read More
Passed away while Indebted to a Usurious Bank My father passed away while he was indebted to a usurious bank; however, an insurance company paid it off. Does this make him free from the liability before Allah, knowing that some of his heirs were planning to pay it off because, in principle, it is unlawful and must be defrayed? • Read More
Ruling on "Loan Contract" of the National Electricity Company Provident Fund

What is the ruling of Sharia on the "Loan contract" of the National Electricity Company Provident Fund?

• Read More
Paper Currency Takes the Rulings of Gold and Silver What`s the ruling on paper currency according to the Shafie school of thought; particularly in terms of the possibility of the occurrence of Riba and the obligation of paying Zakah? • Read More
Ruling on Buying Gold with Uncollected Checks What is the ruling of Sharia on buying gold with uncollected checks? • Read More
Selling Gold with a False Karat I`m in the gold business. We receive 17,5Karat gold from the gold workshop, and sell it to customers as 18Karat. However, we buy it from them as 17,5K because the workshop takes it from us on that basis. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More