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Fatawaa - Search Sections - Support of dependents

Father is Obliged to Cover Child`s Educational Expenses Is the father obliged to cover the expenses of his child`s university education? • Read More
Spending on Parents and Serving them is an Obligation on all Children Is serving, housing and spending on parents required only from male children or all children; males and females? • Read More
Ruling on Accommodating two Wives in one House I have two wives and used to accommodate each in a separate house. After I was laid off from work, I couldn`t afford to keep each in a separate house, so I rented one house and gave each a separate room with separate facilities. What is the ruling of Sharia on that? • Read More
Husband`s Control of Wife`s Salary What is the Islamic ruling when the husband takes his wife`s salary to cover household expenses? • Read More
Parental Rights on Children What are the duties of the sons and the daughters towards their parents? • Read More
Alimony is due on the Husband from the Date of Contract Is it obligatory to pay Zakat-ul-fitr on behalf of the fiancée whose marital contract was concluded ? • Read More
The Religious Framing of a Woman's Alimony during Iddah Is the alimony of a divorced woman originally derived from Sharia or from a number of civil laws applied in Islamic courts? • Read More
Is it incumbent on a husband to pay the alimony of his wife if she had left him and stayed at her parent`s without his permission? • Read More