14 ربيع الآخرة 1441  ,  11 كانون الأول 2019

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Sale Contract whereby Seller Takes the Non-Refundable Deposit What is the ruling on the sale contract of a plot of land in which it is stipulated that the seller take the non-refundable deposit? • Read More
Ruling on Buying a House Mortgaged to a Non-Islamic Bank What is the Islamic ruling on buying a house, which is mortgaged to a non-Islamic bank, through Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek(Lease to own) where an Islamic bank issues a cheque with the value of that mortgage to the non-Islamic bank, then issues another with the rest of the house`s value to the owner. Later on, all parties will meet at the Lands Department to carry on with the needed procedures? • Read More
It is Forbidden to Conceal the Defect of a Commodity What is the Islamic ruling on some traders who resort to cheating by placing non-defective fruits and vegetables on the top of a box while hiding defective ones underneath? • Read More
Sale with option to Repurchase is Invalid A man owns a plot of land that is worth (25000JDs) and wants to keep it. However, he is in dire need for (5000), so he reached an agreement with someone whereby he sells it to the latter for (5000) under the condition that he repurchases it from him later on for (7000JDs). However, that person stipulated that it must be repurchased within six months or else he won`t be obliged to offer it for sale nor sell it for the agreed price. Is this form of sale permissible? • Read More
Ruling on Raising and Selling Dogs Could you clarify the religious ruling on raising dogs and selling them? • Read More
Ruling on Selling Gold Items with Eye-Shaped Blue Bead What is the Islamic ruling on selling gold items that contain the eye-shaped blue bead? • Read More
Ruling on Selling Jewelry to Men Is it permissible to sell rings, necklaces and the like to men? • Read More
Ruling on Buying Gold with Uncollected Checks What is the ruling of Sharia on buying gold with uncollected checks? • Read More
Exchanging Old Gold Items for New ones of Different Weight I work in the gold business where I receive new gold items from the trader in return for old gold items of a different weight. For example, I exchange 105 grams of 18K.old gold for 100grams of 24K. of new gold. What is the ruling of Sharia on this? • Read More
Ruling on Exchanging Gold for Gold with Paying Goldsmith`s Wages I work in the gold business where I exchange gold for gold with equal weight in addition to paying goldsmith`s wages, what is the ruling of Islam on this? • Read More
Payment should be Made on the Spot when Selling Gold for Cash I work in the gold business, and usually the customer buys the gold and pays for it; however, he asks the seller not to stabilize the price until he reviews the quotation of prices. Later on, he calls the seller when the price reaches the level that he requested. What is the Islamic ruling on this? • Read More
Possession of a Commodity Entails Clearly Identifying it at the Seller`s Is it a condition that a commodity should be checked and actually possessed by the buyer? • Read More
Selling a Piece of Land on the Condition of Buying it Later for a Higher Price A man owns a piece of land that is worth (25000JDs). Although he didn`t want to sell it, he was in dire need for(5000JDs), so he agreed with someone to buy the land from him in return for that amount, then buy it back for (7000JDs). However, the buyer made the condition that he would sell the land to its original owner within six months, and that he could keep it for himself or increase its price after that period. Is this form of sale lawful? • Read More
Ruling on Buying and Selling Gold in Delayed Payments My sister bought a gold set from a jeweler; however, she sent him the money on the following day. What is the ruling of Sharia on this, knowing that she gave it to her cousin as a present? • Read More
One who Breaches a Promise is Obliged to Compensate the Promised in Case of Loss I have reached an agreement with a carpenter whereby he promised to buy a quantity of boards from me, cheaper than the market by two JDs. However, after I bought them in order to sell them to him, he refused, without giving a sound reason, and I suffered a loss of (560 JDs). Who should bear that loss? • Read More