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Ruling on Paying Zakah to Cover Marriage and Wedding Expenses of the Poor What is the ruling on paying Zakah funds, collected by a charity, to get those who meet the conditions of poverty and destitution married where a collective wedding will be held for twenty to thirty persons with a cost of one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty thousand JDs? • Read More
Ruling on Giving Zakat to One`s Debtor in Exchange for Debt What is the ruling on giving the Zakat of my wealth to the Zakat Fund under the condition that it pays off the debt of some persons who owe me; knowing that they are either imprisoned or wanted? • Read More
Delegating a Charitable Organization to Deliver Zakah to the Poor and Needy As a charitable organization, we help autistic children develop their skills and integrate into society. What is the ruling of Sharia on giving Zakah to this organization to serve this noble purpose? • Read More
: Ruling on Building an Orphanage from Zakat Funds What is the ruling of Sharia on building an orphanage from the Zakat funds collected by a certain charitable organization, knowing that all the beneficiaries are poor orphans who live there for a certain time, then leave giving a chance for other orphans to dwell there. In fact, the orphanage is owned by this organization although it hasn`t covered the cost of its construction. In case it was decided that the orphanage should be sold or demolished, its value is Zakatmoney, which goes to the eligible recipients of Zakat or the poor orphans? • Read More
Ruling on Paying off a Deceased Person`s Debt from Zakat If someone dies while in debt and his heirs fell short of the money required to pay it off, is it permissible that I give a portion of the Zakat due on my wealth to pay off part of that debt? • Read More
Ruling on Paying for Children`s Education from Zakah Funds My son is a student in high school, and I`m saving money for his university education. However, he desires to learn the ten ways for reciting the Quran via the internet. Is it permissible to pay the Sheikh, who will teach that, from the Zakah(Obligatory charity) of my wealth? • Read More
Giving Zakah to Persons not Entitled to it is Forbidden What is the ruling of Sharia on the Zakah officer who recommends giving Zakah to persons not entitled to receive it? • Read More
Adherence of Charitable Organization to Conditions of Donor We are a relief agency that takes care of orphans(Guardianship). What is the ruling of Sharia when the donations made to a particular orphan are spent on others or saved in the agency`s account where the revenue goes to the benefit of all orphans depending on the programmes and activities run by the agency. This is due to the fact that spending that sum in favour of the orphan for whom the donation was made in the first place wasn`t possible because he didn`t deserve it, passed away, travelled or any other reason? • Read More
It isn`t Permissible to Pay an Employee`s Salary from Zakah Money Is it permissible for my employer to pay me a certain salary and consider part of it as Zakah(Obligatory charity) on his property? • Read More
Paying the Zakaah to the Rich Entails Repayment of that Zakaah A person had given the Zakaah of his money to another, but he found out that the latter was rich; should he pay it once more ? • Read More
It is Permissible to Give Zakah to a Student, with Conditions Is it permissible to give Zakah to one`s brother who is studying at university and doesn`t have a job? • Read More
Charitable Organization Functioning as a Proxy for the Collection of Zakaah Funds I work as a director of a charity organization with a salary of 800 dinars, based on a prior contract, and now the administration wants to change its agreement with me. They want to make my salary a percentage of the money that I collect from donors for the organization. Is this permissible from a religious point of view ? Is it permissible to pay from this money for some administrative expenses ,such as rent of the organization, location, coffee , tea and food for the family of a deceased person such as the son of the organization`s vice president ? • Read More
Who is "The Miskeen" Entitled to Receive Zakah? I`m in charge of the administrative and financial affairs of a certain company, so giving the Zakah due on that company and distributing part of it is entrusted to me. Since my job involves dealing with some of the public organizations, I have become acquainted with the living conditions of some of the employees there; particularly, those who receive low salaries that don`t cover their needs. Therefore, I give them from the Zakah funds for the sake`s of Allah, not in return for any favors because they aren`t decision makers. What is the ruling of Sharia on this matter? • Read More
: Is Moving Zakat to another Country Permissible Is it permissible for the person who lives abroad to send money to his family in Jordan to pay Zakat or Zakat-ul-Fitr on his behalf? What is the amount of Zakat-ul-Fitr due on him? Is it the same as that in Jordan or should it be as that of the country where he is? • Read More
Who is “the poor” that is entitled to receive Zakah(obligatory charity)? • Read More