Date : 08-04-2010

Question :

Is it permissible for a woman to lead her father and brothers in prayer? And what is the ruling if they are unable to lead the prayer themselves due to an illness and the like?

The Answer :

a woman is deemed invalid. In this regard, Al-Imam Al-Shafiee'(May Allah have mercy on his soul) said (What means):"If a woman leads males and females in prayer, then the females` prayer is valid while the males` isn't, because Allah made men protectors and maintainers of women for the latter are incapable of being so. Therefore, a woman is never permitted to lead a man in prayer no matter what the case may be." [Al-O'om 1/191]. Kindly refer to [Al-Mawsoa'a Al-Fiqhia 6/204].

However, men being unable to lead the prayer due to an illness or the like isn`t a valid excuse for getting led in prayer by a woman. It is incumbent upon the one who cannot perform obligatory prayer properly to learn how to do so and in the best manner possible. Also, one who prays sitting on a chair is permitted to lead others in prayer and the prayer of both is deemed valid since the Prophet (PBUH) has led his righteous companions in prayer sitting on a chair. And Allah knows best.