Date Added : 14-06-2021

Resolution No.(304), (9/2021): By The Board of Iftaa', Researches and Islamic Studies:

"Investing an Endowed Land for Building a Mosque"

Date (22 of Shawal, 1442AH), corresponding to (3/6/2021AD).


In its 8th meeting held on the above date, the Board of Iftaa` reviewed the letter No.4/2/3/5230 sent from His Excellency, the Minister of Awqaf, Holy Sites and Islamic Affairs Dr.Mohammad Al-Khalayleh. This letter reads as follows:

We would your Grace to clarify the ruling on the endowed land No.(199), area No.(9) Al-Henawa/Alomqaa' Town – one of southern Mazar's lands, which is (2002/m2). This land was given as an endowment in (1996AD) for the purpose of building a mosque o it; yet, the purpose in which the endower set his land for is unattainable, because a big mosque was built 200 meters away from his land. Therefore, he asks for the permission to make an investment on it through establishing an agriculture project on it instead.

After thorough deliberation, the Board decided what follows:

In principle, endowments are to be given and fulfilled based on endower's condition and for the same purpose in which it was endowed in the first place by the former. Due to the fact that fulfilling it is unattainable as mentioned in the above question for compelling reasons, then there is no harm on investing the endowed building in the best manner so long as its outcome is disposed as conditioned by the endower. And Allah Knows Best.


Grand Mufti of Jordan, Sheikh Abdulkareem Al-Khasawneh

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh/ Member

Prof. Mahmoud Al-Sartawi/ Member     Dr. Majed Al-Darawsheh/ Member

Sheikh Sa`eid Hijjawi/ Member

Judge Dr. Samer Al-Kobbaj/ Member             Prof. Adam Nooah Al-Qhodah/ Member

Prof. Amjad Rasheed/ Member

Dr. Jameel Khatatbeh/ Member           Dr. Ahmad Al-Hasanat/ Member

Dr. Mohammad al-Zou`bi/ Member