Iftaa` Department and the Irresponsible Media

Author : Prof. Abdulkodos AlKhodah

Date Added : 25-10-2022

Iftaa` Department and the Irresponsible Media


Two years ago, a research center in the Islamic Maghreb conducted an opinion poll about the most reliable House of Iftaa` from the point of view of the society. The result was in favor of Jordan`s Iftaa` Department and was commended by the virtuous scholars of that country where they supported this testimony of the people with a scholarly testimony.

I have remembered this at a time we are witnessing non-innocent attempts led by media trumpets, known for their dissatisfaction with virtue and whatever words and deeds reflecting it, to distort the beautiful image of this renowned institution. Their main concern was to offend this religious institution through intentional cherry picking of certain parts of fatwas to incite ridicule. 

The reality of the situation is that ridicule is an old-new tool recorded in the Quran about the people of Noah (What means): "Every time that the chiefs of his people passed by him, they threw ridicule on him". It was also recorded as a systematic approach against the calls for goodness, reform, and wisdom. For these individuals, reform doesn`t suit their agendas and hinders them from practicing their special patterns of living and values which don`t reflect the moderate Islam, its deeply rooted values, its provisions, and etiquettes.

This was also recorded in history when people wanted to reduce the influence of the clergy although this is valid in Christianity but not in Islam. Therefore, pokers and comic writers came to the front and highlighted the image of the clergy in a form that provoked laughter. In western societies, this was the first effective step to get rid of some religious values standing in the way of individual life in its current form.

Here, it is necessary to show that severing parts of a Fatwa to present it in a funny form undoubtedly falls under ridiculing religion, which, as we all know, poses danger to faith. 

On the other hand, attempting to defame a renowned, national, religious institution is an unfair rivalry because this institution is respected on the domestic and international levels, known for its credibility, wise leadership, dedicated and qualified staff. It has acquired reputation for organizing and issuing fatwas. This Department has opted for achieving the best interest of this country through propagating moderate Islam and responsible freedom.

The antagonists of this institution failed to notice that their attitude encourages what is called "The Chaos of Fatwas" which almost caused national disasters in different situations leading to undermining the social fabric and the economic dimensions. Will there be affirm stand against these childish acts?!