Your Treacherous Nature won`t Intimidate Us

Author : Dr. Hassan Abu_Arqoub

Date Added : 20-09-2022

Your Treacherous Nature won`t Intimidate Us


The ISIS terrorists continue sending messages threatening people and national security and vowing to carry out more terrorist operations, in addition to mobilizing their sleeper cells and lonely wolves. 

They reinforce these heinous messages with sadistic scenes, which involve beheadings and slaughtering; a solid evidence of their cruelty, barbarism, aberrant behavior, mercilessness and disrespect for human dignity.

They are monsters in human clothing, sick individuals disguising in the cloak of Islam to vent their psychic complexes and hatred against the society to which they belong. They try to cover their deficiency and failure under the pretext of freedom and establishing the caliphate.

What kind of battle is this group managing and against whom? They are killing Muslims in Iraq and Sham (Syria) and carrying out cowardly suicide attacks. Surprisingly, they call these heinous crimes Jihad in the cause of Allah although they are merely devilish operations in support for the enemies of Islam.

They have overlooked the fact that the true battle of the Muslims is one of development, building, and preserving dignity since sanctities can`t be liberated through cowardly barbaric acts. Rather, there has to be material and moral strength founded on truth, justice, and respect of human rights. This very meaning is embodied in the verse (What means): "Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power." [Al-Anfal/60].

No state can be established without safeguarding right and justice and preserving human dignity. This is a difficult mission that can`t be accomplished save by those whom Allah has blessed with success as well as the forward-looking competitors aspiring for the pride of the Muslim nation.

The loyal tribes of Jordan are the builders and guardians of the homeland while the terrorists try to destabilize the country and jeopardize the safety and security of the citizens, but no way!

These treacherous terrorist attempts will only increase our insistence on moving forward at all levels of development and respect for human rights. We, by the permission of Allah, weren`t and won`t be intimidated by your terrorist attempts because we believe in divine decree and are eager to be martyred in the cause of Allah since our life and death are for Allah alone.

As for our brave army and security forces, they are our sons and brothers to whom we are truly grateful and they will remain the strong fortress defending our homeland.

Finally, it is no secret that Islam is the religion of peace, mercy, knowledge, development, civilization and respect for human rights. What the terrorists say and do contradicts the teachings of true Islam, which is innocent from them and their acts. Rather, these heinous acts represent their evil spirits and sick souls.