Dealing with Family Violence and Methods of Preventing it

Author : Dr. Ahmad al-Harasees

Date Added : 01-02-2022

Dealing with Family Violence and Methods of Preventing it



Family violence (also called domestic violence) has caused societal, economic, psychological, health-related issues since psychological complexes resulting from this type of violence usually develop into aggravated medical conditions, aggressive or criminal behavior, and those subjected to such violence are likely to inflict it on others. Loosening of family ties, lack of trust and insecurity may lead to the vanishing of the family altogether since it is the nucleus of society and any threat it faces-through this violence - will eventually lead to undermining society as a whole.


Therefore, among the key solutions for the phenomenon of family violence is compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, adopting its teachings, and applying them in family life. This is starts from the moment of searching for a life partner, having children, and raising them in a certain manner. Actually, Islam isn`t limited to performing acts of worship; rather, it is a way of life. Consequently, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of Sharia behind the verses and prophetic narrations in which "beating" was mentioned to prevent misusing them in the name of Islam.


Being the nucleus in the upbringing process and providing its members with the correct behavior, the family has shouldered huge responsibilities in different areas in a bid to protect its members from this violence. Some of these responsibilities are:


  • Adopting informed dialogue amongst its members.
  • Treating children equally and satisfying their psychological, social, material, and behavioral needs.
  • Participating with children on the moral and physical levels through becoming best friends in order to instil confidence in their hearts.
  • Minimizing TV shows showing violent content through instilling principles and morality in them from an early age.
  • Following up on their academic progress and developing their creative skills and hidden talents.
  • Enhancing love of country and society.
  • Living with each other in kindness and equity.
  • Putting an end to the phenomenon of divorce.


Moreover, media plays a pivotal role in guiding and correcting behavior. This role crystallizes in allocating media channels to help the family overcome domestic violence and utilizing commercial breaks to broadcast awareness-raising messages. This is in addition to disseminating the culture of respect for the opposite sex, acquainting men with the rights of women, training the family on addressing problems along with raising mothers` awareness - through targeted programs-about age and stages of child`s development. Also, uncovering the reasons leading to this violence, preventing it, and highlighting this phenomenon through citation of evidence. Moreover, raising awareness of family about the adverse psychological and social effects of violence on both the individual and society. Further, printing and publishing booklets clarifying the psychological effect of this violence on the children.


The role of school is no longer limited to teaching since we live in an era that enabled man to learn through utilizing various means of communication. Accordingly, school must play a leading role in educating the community and guiding the behavior of its members via different programs that it prepares and projects that it adopts. School can help prevent domestic violence through raising the awareness of mothers and fathers. This can be achieved by addressing societal issues and finding the effective solutions, combating unusual behavior, emphasizing the importance of volunteerism, in addition to making voluntary contributions.


Raising awareness on the religious, social, intellectual, cultural, and legal levels, in addition to acquainting members of society with their rights and duties, is amongst the best means to end this phenomenon. However, this has to come in different forms, such as training, workshops, rehabilitation, lectures, booklets, brochures, conferences, seminars; utilizing all available means like media organizations as well as government and non-government institutions.


In this context, we stress the role undertaken by male and female spiritual guides and mosque preachers in terms of raising awareness and offering advice and guidance; particularly since our society is influenced by religious guidance and discourse, which are based on clear principles of Sharia.


Some of the key solutions that actively participate in curbing domestic violence are:


  • Offering the necessary advice and guidance to protect society from domestic violence.
  • Providing psychological, social, and familial counselling to members of families suffering from domestic violence.
  • Establishing a connection between the victims of domestic violence and the available counselling organizations through providing hotlines, which enable the latter to give assistance if needed.
  • Providing secure places for women and children to make them feel safe, even temporarily, and to enable specialists to provide the necessary assistance.
  • Teaching women and children to develop security plans inside and outside home.
  • Cooperating with family and children organizations to find solutions that suit each individual family.
  • Training children to have non-violent reactions to blow off some steam considering the violence they have been subjected to.
  • Teaching positive behavior to children to enable them control anger and negative emotions to help them form sound and safe relationships in the future.

And all praise be to Allah, The Lord of The Worlds.