A Statement on Banning Forbidden Festivals

Author : The General Iftaa` Department

Date Added : 04-09-2014


A Statement on Banning Forbidden Festivals


All perfect praise be to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon Prophet Mohammad and upon his family and righteous companions.

Calls have recently spread via some means of media for holding festivals that carry exotic names and involve aberrant activities. The most recent of these is the so-called "The Wine Festival"

We stress that calling for such festivals, holding them and taking part in them violates the teachings of our Islamic faith, and they aren`t a part of  our authentic Islamic values as well as the traditions and customs observed in our blessed Jordan of The Hashemites.

On its part, The Iftaa` Department calls on citizens to boycott such festivals which incur corruption to the country and its people.

The Department also calls on the official authorities to ban such events in order to maintain our orthodox faith and the integrity of the Jordanian people.

Moreover, the Department highly appreciates the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior banning such festivals and calling those in charge of them to account.

We beseech Allah, The Almighty, to avert our country all kinds of sins and trials be they seen, or unseen.

And all perfect praise is due to Allah, The Lord of The Worlds.